About Us


Who we are...


 Cross Industries is a recycling company that processes post-industrial scrap that is generated by manufacturers and tier suppliers.  Our facility is a 96,000 SF Industrial building located in Iuka, Mississippi to meet the growing need of recycling in the USA.  We endeavor to partner with companies to help them achieve their goal to GO GREENand alleviate issues created by manufacturing processes and warehousing operations.  


What We Do...


Cross Industries is a leading industrial recycler specializing in Automotive scrap: metal, plastic and OCC. 

We also recycle obsolete metal/plastic parts and obsolete virgin resin. 


How we do it...

All materials follow our quality controls and are handled, processed, and inventoried according to documented and audited procedures. 


Customers We Service


GM, Ford, Chrysler, BMW, Tesla, and Mercedes Benz.

Green Processing, IB Tech, Sunoco, and Astra.


United Plastics, Franklin Plastics, TK Recycling and Sumatomo. 

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Cross Industries

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